Accept Credit Cards in the Office and Online... Affordable credit card processing exclusively for medical practices! Only $99 setup and 2.75% or better, per transaction. No Monthly fees!

Medical Merchant Account with Online Bill Pay
iHealthSpot Bill Pay™

Start accepting credit cards in-office and through your website or patient portal today! Easy setup and just 2.75%** or better on all transactions! No "card not present" fee. No "qualified versus unqualified." No "gateway fee." No "per transaction" surcharge!

Medical Merchant Account Processing

A Cost Effective and Easy Way for Doctors to Accept Credit Cards In-Office and Online

The ability to use a credit card for co-pays and other in-office charges and to pay bills online is a major customer convenience and a faster way to get payments into your account. Most Americans pay for everything from mortgages to utility bills with credit or debit cards.

Though many practices accept credit cards in their office, a recent poll showed that 79% of doctors offices still don't allow their patients to pay their bills online. Studies have shown that providing this simple convenience increases collections and gets you paid as much as 6 times faster than if someone has to write a check! In addition,  a 2011 survey of 1,000 American adults by Intuit Health found more than half would switch doctors if they had the opportunity to perform such tasks as paying bills online.

Even more astounding, many medical practices don't realize that in-office credit card rates (what you pay in order to be able to accept credit cards) are not only negotiable, but there are many fees that are sometimes assessed on top of a "low" rate -- effectively doubling your rates, especially on small transactions of $10, $15 or $20 (like most co-pays!) How good is YOUR credit card processing deal? See our Payment Processor Hall of Shame to see some real "bad deals" that we've seen in the past!

iHealthSpot Bill Pay Service, powered by PayPros, allows you to accept patient payments in your office and on your website easily and securely. Our in-office and online bill pay service handles all the credit card processing (also known as merchant service), giving you the convenience of daily deposits into your existing bank account. The setup is fast and easy and you can be accepting credit card payments in-office and online within 24 hours.

Rates are simplified, taking the headache out of reconciliation. You pay a single rate of 2.75%** or better on each transaction, and a one-time $99 setup fee. There are no hidden fees, no complicated statements, no "card not present" fee, no monthly "gateway" fee, no "per transaction" fee, no "bank processing" fee -- nothing!

So if you’d like to accept credit cards in-office or online and shorten the time it takes you to collect patient payments, or if you'd like to save on your current rates, get started now! Provide us a recent processing statement and we'll provide a free rate analysis and rate quote! Simply complete the form on this page or call us toll free at 877-709-0999.